The Kanban macro allows to display a Kanban using a modified version of the jkanban javascript library.
The macro can take the JSON of the kanban either from the content of the macro or from an URL. There is also the AWMKanbanMacro allowing to display a kanban board from AppWithinMinutes data.

{{kanban width="30%" source="" updateService="" addBoardButton="true" addItemButton="true" removeBoardButton="true" removeBoardItem="true"}} [ {"id":"board1","title":"To Do","color":"red","item":[{"title":"Item 1"},{"title":"Item 2"}]}, {"id":"board2","title":"Working","color":"blue","item":[{"title":"Item 3"},{"title":"Item 4"}]}, {"id":"board3","title":"Done","color":"green","item":[{"title":"Item 5"},{"title":"Item 6"}]} ] {{/kanban}}

Additional parameters:

  • width width of each column in the kanban (default 30%)
  • source URL source of the Kanban data in JSON
  • updateService URL to update the Kanban data
  • addBoardButton display the add Board button (default true)
  • addItemButton display the add Item button (default true)
  • removeBoardButton display the remove Board button (default true)
  • removeBoardItem allow removing Item by drag and dropping them out of a board (default true)


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